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Who Should Attend


  • Government:
    Ministry of Transportation Republic of Indonesia, Ministry of Mineral & Resources Republic of Indonesia, Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries Republic of Indonesia, Ministry of Environment and Forestry Republic of Indonesia, National Search And Rescue Agency Republic of Indonesia, Marine Security Agency Republic of Indonesia, National Disaster Management Authority
  • Local Government.
  • Helicopter Manufacture.
  • Air Navigation Support Companies.
  • Special Task Force For Upstream Oil and Gas Business Activities Republic of Indonesia.
  • Oil Companies.
  • Helicopter Supporting Companies.
  • Air Charter Operator, Commuters.
  • Airlines.
  • Professionals (pilot, ATC, Doctors, Meteorologist, Engineers, etc.).
  • Insurance Companies.
  • Law Firm.
  • Indonesian National Police.
  • Indonesian Air Force
  • Indonesian Navy
  • Indonesian Army



Indonesia is the largest country in Southeast Asia, which has 17.455 islands and has the second longest coastline in the world. Indonesian government is now focusing on the development of all industry sectors in every region of Indonesia. To reach all areas of the islands especially the remote ones, helicopter transport is an answer that fits to be the first and ultimate choice in supporting the development. Furthermore, the Helicopter industry is also in partnership with the Government to address challenges in the era of ASEAN Open Sky.

Business Opportunity

Helicopter Summit Indonesia 2017 is a promising business opportunity platform for all Helicopter Business Industry in regional, national and international.

Business to Business

Helicopter Summit Indonesia 2017 is an international event that brings all helicopter industry players from regulators, manufacture companies, operators, professionals, users and other supporting helicopters industry and stakeholder under one roof.

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